The following is a selection of concept art and finals from my work in film, illustration, and gaming.

Note: Due to NDAs and some projects being in various states of release with concerns to process work -- some of the sketches, designs, computer models which led to a final image are absent.

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Bad Neighborhood -- Published in Infected by Art: Volume 3



Alice in Wonderland -- Illustration Master Class 2015 assignment (to be published in Infected by Art: Volume 4)



Silent Hill: Revelation (film) --During the production of the film I provided concept art for the mannequin monster.



Silent Hill: Revelation (film) --During the production of the film I provided concept art for how some of the villain characters would disintigrate when defeated.



Three Musketeers (film) --During production I provided concept art for airship environments, distant buildings, paris, and map elements. I also completed and assisted on many mattes and environments during the airship travel/battle sequences.



The Borgias (TV series)-- Castel concepts for the historical structure as well as final matte paintings for various views.



Resident Evil: Retribution-- Clone Hanger design



Resident Evil: Retribution-- Under ice reveal concept art and matte paintings.



Resident Evil: Retribution-- Concept art of ship Kamchatka ship graveyard to be used by matte painters and environment artists.



After Earth -- Crashed Vesper concept art and matte paintings.



Dead Rising (Film) --'Container Fortress' concept artand matte painting.



Balrog on the Bridge -- A personal workshop piece depicting a 'Lord of the Rings' inspired scene placed in a' prohibtion era' urban setting.



Blue Beard -- Designs for the Grimms' story 'Blue Beard'



Badger with a Gun -- IMC 2015 assignment/concept.



Personal - Character Design


Hologram Armor --design used for cover illustration ; 'Sentinel'



Knifepoint -- personal piece



Next Stop (Film) -- Character and environment designs to be used on poster/cover.



Blue Project: -- various creature/character personal work.



The Gallery-- Assignment for Nathan Fowke's 'Color and Light' class.



Red -- Personal Project



Vortex -- IMC 2014 piece.



Swords and Sorcery -- Personal piece.



Virtually Lifeless-- Mock editorial article about the addictions of virtual reality.

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